Improving Calcium Intake
Oct 28th, 2015

The International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) released new findings on World Osteoporosis day that concludes nearly 90 % of those using the new IOF Calcium Calculator are getting insufficient dietary calcium based on the Institute of Medicine’s recommendations. The survey includes data from over 6000 both men and women worldwide.

This free online tool ( allows a consumer to input variables such as gender, age and typical consumption of calcium rich foods (numbers of weekly servings) and supplements to determine her estimated calcium intake.

Despite broad consumer awareness of calcium’s essential role in bone health, most consumers still select diets insufficient in this important element. In combination with vitamin D and load bearing exercise, adequate calcium intake helps in the development and maintenance of healthy bones over time. Based on the results of this survey (and a large body of evidence with similar findings) responsible use of calcium supplementation is a meaningful tool in closing the dietary calcium gap.

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