Biotron Publishes Clinical Study Results in the Journal of Dietary Supplements
Mar 7th, 2013

When it comes to mineral chelates in human nutrition, there are different models. Some manufacturer’s products are carefully conceived and produced with attention to detail, emphasizing strong science. Others amount to little more than unreacted physical mixtures of starting ingredients. Few have clinical substantiation. The best way to differentiate a true mineral chelate is to subject the product to performance evaluation in a rigorous, placebo controlled, human-clinical setting.

We’re pleased to announce the publication of “A Randomized, Double-Blind, Clinical Study on the Safety and Tolerability of an Iron Multi-Amino Acid Chelate Preparation in Premenopausal Women” appearing online (e-pub ahead of print) in Informa Healthcare’s Journal of Dietary Supplements, Feb 2013 (Vol 10., No 1:17-28) .

This peer-reviewed clinical trial serves to demonstrate in a statistically significant fashion that Biotron’s Iron Amino Acid Chelate (Ferractiv®) is better tolerated than ferrous sulfate, the latter of which is among the most commonly used iron ingredients.  Additional work by Biotron has shown Ferractiv® to demonstrate high bioavailability in an extremely sensitive in vitro model of iron uptake in human intestinal cells, using molecular and immunological methods.    Taken together, Ferractiv® confers all the benefits of a real amino acid chelate: improved tolerability and increased bioavailability, validating Biotron’s methods.

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